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Hoping to make your life sweeter...

Established in 1980 and specializing in Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower Favors and other Chocolate Favors and Chocolate Artistry, Tender Loving Chocolates has a “By Appointment Only” showroom.  Tender Loving Chocolates has created Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors and Chocolate Wedding Favors as well as Corporate Favors for these events worldwide.  The company features elaborately decorated custom boxes made of chocolate, hand-decorated chocolate bite-size sweets and other specialty chocolate items, which are provided for all of life’s most important events. Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors and Chocolate Wedding Favors are our specialties.

“Celebrity Chocolatier,” Judith Glassman began with a home-based chocolate “hobby-business” and, because of the demand for her unique chocolate artistry, it grew to the extent that a full-scale chocolate showroom and chocolate warehouse were soon needed.  Tender Loving Chocolates has one of the largest collections of chocolate molds in the world.   The company is known for using only the most select embellishments on the finished chocolate creations.  TLC’s inventory includes an extensive collection of high-end ribbons and a very wide assortment of cellophane patterns for the finished presentation.  When these are combined with the client’s choice of beautiful custom flowers that are often hand-made in Thailand, a unique finished Chocolate Artistry Creation is ready to be a memorable Chocolate Baby Shower Favor, Chocolate Wedding Favor, Chocolate Bridal Shower Favor or other item to enhance the ambience of your event.

 You don't need an occasion to have a reason...

Each custom chocolate order is either previewed in the showroom or by E-mail and then individually created to one-of-a-kind perfection.  No theme or concept is too great a challenge! We are only limited by your imagination. We can print Edible Photographs, Monograms or Corporate Logos directly on chocolate.  We have Chocolate Placecards, Chocolate Business Cards, Chocolate Menus, Chocolate Wedding Favors, Chocolate Novelties, and Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors. Our chocolate comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, snow white, jet black and chocolates in every color of the rainbow.  Let your imagination run wild!!!

Word-of-Mouth-Advertising has enabled us to provide a variety of “celebrity” clients with custom chocolates they would find to be unavailable elsewhere… religious themed Easter boxes for the family of Kyle Petty;  wedding cake shaped pops for the bridal shower favors of Liza Minnelli;  pastel colored chocolate hats with removable chocolate lids into which Joan Rivers placed a piece of her jewelry for an exclusive “Hat Luncheon “ party.  We are proud to include, among our cherished clients,  Darcy Miller, the Editor of “Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.”  Her orders have included wedding favors for her personal wedding, which were photographed and featured in the Weddings magazine and its “Good Things” section.  We also created white chocolate daisies, with yellow centers, in chocolate flower pots for the first birthday party of her daughter, Daisy, which were featured in “Martha’s Kids Magazine.”

Jack Dillard, the General Manager, oversees the daily operations of the chocolate business.  Chocolates are shipped throughout the world every day and, due to some innovative shipping techniques he has implemented, no chocolate item has ever arrived broken or melted! Tender Loving Chocolates works with party planners throughout the world. Including their famous Chocolate Wedding Favors and Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors, the company has approximately 7,000 different items and is looking forward to creating “#7,001” just for you!!!

Please enjoy our website, photos and music, but don’t look for prices on it.  The website merely represents a portfolio of our previous work. Everything is custom created. Call Judith personally, at our toll free number, 877-653-5001.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tender Loving Chocolates
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